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Why LuxoBlu is


How does blue light affect us and why more people are starting to wear blue light glasses..




I absolutely love their new range. Not only they’re so stylish but they fit perfectly. I don't know how I lived without these glasses before.



SO IN LOVE! The most comfortable glasses. I work in front of a computer all day so it’s a must for me

Maddy K.


These glasses are an absolute saviour! As a digital marketer, I’m constantly on the computer and would usually always finish the day with sore eyes. Since wearing Luxventory’s products I haven’t had an issue at all!

Madeline S.


The glasses are not only so light and feels like I’m wearing nothing, but are also very stylish! I have definitely noticed that my eyes are not as tired and strained as they used to be. I 100% recommend their products, it worked for me

Hannah M.


Been using these blue ray glasses for awhile now and absolutely love it wear it every night. I don’t think I can live without them. 

Florence H.


These blue light glasses are fire! Not only do they look good, they have dramatically helped me with eye strain! 100% recommend 

Jedidiah D.


In love with these glasses! So cute, definitely getting another pair soon

Zara C.


Comfiest and best looking glasses! I literally wear them every day. Thank you!

Brianna P.


absolutely love these glasses. As someone who stares at a computer screen for hours everyday, these glasses have cut down my eyestrain massively, especially at night.

Raewyn A.
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