Why Are People Using Blue Light Glasses?

Firstly, what are blue light glasses anyway?

Our range of blue light glasses use special lenses to reduce the amount of harmful blue light your eyes are exposed to. They don't just look good. They are designed to help protect your eyes from any of the negative effects that come with long hours in front of digital devices, such as our phones, laptops, and TVs - helping you fall asleep more easily at night, feel more energised and function better every day. 

Why they are needed in our digital world

We live totally surrounded by screens, spending almost nine hours a day, on average, in front of digital devices. All of these devices emit blue light, and since our eyes aren't protected against this overexposure, it can be detrimental. 

Potential side effects are: 

  • Eye Strain & Dry Eyes
  • Disruption of Sleep Patterns
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Mental & Physical Fatigue

#1: Blue Light is uniquely disruptive to sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. 

What is Blue Light Anyway? It's the shortest wavelengths of light on the visible light spectrum. Sunlight contains blue light, as well as other visible light wavelengths. Both energy efficient and digital lighting contain high amounts of blue light. This means that although not all or any exposure to blue light is harmful. However, in the digital world we live in, we spend most of our waking hours in front of digital devices such as smart phones, laptops, computers and TV Screens. This is where we are exposed to too much blue light and doing so at night time can affect the way we sleep.

  • Studies show blue light aggressively inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that is a central regulator of circadian rhythms and also is essential for sleep. Research shows blue light suppresses melatonin for more than twice as long as other visible light wavelengths—and alters circadian rhythms by twice the degree.
  • Room light that’s rich in blue wavelength light from high-efficiency light sources also suppresses melatonin. 
  • At the same time blue light inhibits melatonin, it also stimulates the production of cortisol, a major stress and alerting hormone that interferes with sleep.
  • Exposure to blue light shortens sleep time and leads to more awakenings throughout the night, resulting in less refreshing sleep and more fatigue the next day.

#2: They are suitable for anyone

We all have different challenges when it comes to our individual light consumption. Some people may spend 5 hours a day in front of screens, whilst others travel quite a lot and are exposed to light at odd and constantly changing hours of the day. Gamers spend a lot of time in front of a screen and others may spend hours watching their favourite Netflix series. These are all different habits, that share a common risk: Excessive Blue Light Exposure. 

#3: But I have a blue light blocking app

They don't work. 

These built in apps are good idea in theory. But scientific evidence shows that these apps are likely not effective at doing the job they're intended for, which is blocking enough high energy light to protect the body's natural bio rhythms, and the nightly rise in Melatonin that makes sleep possible. 

For example, a 2018 study found that Apple’s Night Shift app—found on its iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads - did not reverse the melatonin suppression that occurs from our evening exposure to these devices.

About 9 in 10 of us are using electronics routinely within an hour of bedtime. For many us, that means taking our phones and tablets to bed—to read, to scroll through social media, to stream our favourite shows. This 2015 study shows that our pre-bedtime electronics habit throws off bio clocks, inhibits melatonin production, stimulates alertness at night and decreases alertness in the morning. A 2018 study involving electronic tablets found that evening use without protection against blue light resulted in suppressed melatonin, later bedtimes, less evening sleepiness, and less alertness the next morning. 

#4: They have numerous health benefits 

With protective lenses, blue light glasses reduce digital eye strain that come with excessive exposure to blue light. The top benefits of having Blue Light Glasses are:

  • They alleviate eye discomfort
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Fight against AMD (Macular Degeneration)
  • They look pretty good too!

By wearing Blue Light Glasses while on the computer and taking other steps to limit your exposure to blue light, you can improve your overall eye health. When you order our any pair of Blue Light Glasses from our LuxoBlu™ Range, you'll enjoy fair pricing with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Make the most of life in the digital world today with our range of stylish blue light glasses