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A portion of every pair sold will be donated to the Brain Foundation and its division Headache and Migraine Australia.

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[ The Look ] Preppy // Classy // Vintage
With their slim and elegant frame, The Finley offers a simplistic vintage vibe, which makes them a real trend setter. Available in Gold and Suitable for most face shapes and skin tones.
- Frames are unisex.

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What is Blue Light?

What is blue Light?

Blue light is all around us. It exists naturally from the sun as well as artificial light sources, including digital screens like your smartphone, tablet or computer. Recent studies have shown that over exposure to blue light from digital screens may have detrimental effects on our health such as digital eye strain, sleeping disorders and increase the risk of macular degeneration.


Blue light can also lead to other forms of fatigue beyond eyestrain. Blue light during the day is beneficial because it boosts attention, reaction times and mood. However at night, artificial blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm that causes the natural release of melatonin that helps us sleep. Because the blue light tricks our brain into believing it’s still daytime, this can make it so much harder to fall asleep.

What's included?

✓ Premium custom leather case
✓ High quality microfiber cleaning cloth
✓ Discount code for next purchase
✓ Risk-free 30 day returns